City of Fae – Pippa DaCosta

Hiya friends.

So it has been awhile, let’s not talk about it. Summer break has started, I’m armed with lemon cake and ready to review. This review will be exceptionally short (for once) since I read this book sometime over the past semester and details are a little murky. But I remember the important parts.

city of fae cover

FRUSTRATION. ANGUISH. Is there a word for the phrase, “I really enjoyed this book but it also stressed me out?” 

City of Fae wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was super enjoyable. I mean its a story about Fae and people just plain kicking butt. ALSO! Plot twist that I did not see coming. I thought about that plot twist for hours…days really.

This is the summary. It’s all you need to read this book. 

From the moment Alina touches London’s hottest fae superstar, breaking one of the laws founded to protect all of her kind, her fate – and the fae – close in.

Below ground, the fae High Queen plots to claim the city as her own and places her pawns, ready for the battle to come. A battle she cannot lose, but for one small problem – Alina. There are four ancient keepers powerful enough to keep the queen in her prison. Three are dead. One remains … And to fight back, Alina risks sacrificing everything she has come to love.

Please note: This is a new adult fantasy romance, so keep that in mind. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever read, but the story is engaging enough to cause you to be pulled in to the story and the characters. So READ IT pleasepleasepleaseplease. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I received these books as eBook reviewer copies from Netgalley. But everything I write is my opinion no worries. I base my opinion of books off of what I think, no matter if everyone else loves the book or hates it. Everyone has a different opinion and what may be someone’s perfect book may be someone else’s least favorite book on the planet. 

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